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Tuscarora Woodworks and their 10th Anniversary

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Tuscarora Woodworks is celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2023, and we're so excited for them! The Tuscarora Woodworks mission statement is "Art. Crafts. Community." Their store has become a cultural hub for the Indigenous community on the Tuscarora Reservation and they are proud to showcase not only their creations but other local artists' work. Across Indigenous country they are probably best known for their beautiful custom trophies and personalized plaques. A lot of their merchandise is adorned with Iroquois designs and emblems. Its evident through their artwork that Tuscarora Woodworks takes pride in representing Haudenosaunee culture. Back in 2013, Robert D'Alimonte, Tuscarora Beaver, founded Tuscarora Woodworks as a self-taught artist who sees creating as a way of keeping, not only his culture alive but family’s memory alive too. He feels a kinship to his grandfather, Stan Hill, who revived the Haudenosaunee practice of carving bone and antler. Rob's craftsmanship and innovative thinking is seen in display cases like the one he made for Nicholas Cusick's 1793 Peace Medal from George Washington that was obtained by the Chickasaw Nation and returned to the Tuscarora Nation. A few years later, Murisa Printup, Tuscarora Turtle, joined the established business and brought with her the artistic beauty she pours into everything she creates. Murisa also comes from a family of well-known artists including painters, sculptors and bead workers. Over the years she has evolved as an artist but always stuck to her Native roots. Murisa's talent can be seen throughout the store where you can find one-of-a-kind meaningful illustrations that tell a story. A great example of this is the coffee mug she designed of the moon using the likeness of her grandmother, "Nan". This reflects a part the Haudenosaunee creation story that entails why we use the term "Grandmother Moon". Together, Rob and Murisa are often seen actively being involved in community events. They are very generous when a good cause is involved often donating their time or resources to those in need. If you've ever personally visited their shop you'll quickly realize Murisa's love for cats, often taking in strays and has used her shop as a donation center for cat and dog food. In addition to their community involvement, Rob and Murisa also have a strong passion for providing the best possible experience for their customers. They understand how important it is to build relationships with those who patronize their business and they strive to do so on a daily basis. Tuscarora Woodworks has accomplished so much in 10 years and are constantly evolving. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us over the next decade!

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