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Linnie’s Mocs: Walking Through all the Stages of Life with you

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Life is full of special occasions. Nothing makes Linnie happier than hearing from customers and the journey they go through in life while wearing a pair of her handmade moccasins. She is here to support you every step of the way!

The Start of Linnie's Mocs

Linnie's Mocs was established in 2015. Since then, Linnie Henry, a Tuscarora Deer, from Six Nations of the Grand River, has made thousands of moccasins for people across Turtle Island. Her maternal family is where her inspiration to learn how to bead comes from. Her favourite memory of her grandmother is watching her sit at the table beading. She was shown beading techniques by her mother and aunts but is self-taught when it comes to pattern-making and the production of moccasins.

Premium Materials and Superior Craftsmanship

Linnie is a true artisan and master of her craft, who understands the beauty of handmade. The majority of her customers wear them daily. It is very common to see people in her community wearing them while doing errands so she understands her moccasins need to not only be beautiful but durable for everyday wear.

The spacing for every stitch is so precise you might think it's done by machine but Linnie hand sews them herself. She only uses genuine moose, deer and buffalo leather, and real sinew string that she has personally inspected. Picking the best material is very important to her and something that she pays close attention to. Because of this insistence on quality above all else, her moccasins stand the test of time. They can handle outside elements for those that wear them often and hold shape for those that keep them packed away for safekeeping.

It is all in the Custom Details

Linnie's Mocs are also available in season-appropriate options. New for summer is a cotton liner and for winter, a fleece liner. The moccasins come in two heights: above the ankle and below the ankle. Then depending on your preference and need for wearability she offers three different types of soles: hard sole, double sole or rubber sole.

Her most requested designs include a beaded diamond shape or raised beaded flowers. Unique to Linnie's Mocs is the Haudenosaunee designs, carefully burned into the leather. Her work is so impeccable it is hard to believe it is not done with a branding iron, instead, it's hand drawn with a wood-burning pen.

Special Moments:

Linnie's Mocs are a great gift for every age and special occasion; birthday, Mother's Day, Father's day, and sometimes; just because. She is known to give them to people when she sees they need their spirits lifted. This heart-felt gesture is extra meaningful when you understand the time and resources that go into their making.

The nostalgic "take-home" outfit for a newborn baby is carefully picked out and often remembered because there are always pictures taken and sent to family members. Those pictures are frequently posted on social media or printed out for scrapbooks. Linnie feels honoured when expecting mothers order a pair of moccasins from her for their joyous occasion. The Six Nations Birthing Centre and Healthy Babies program on her reserve orders dozens of pairs from Linnie every year.

Linnie's busy season is Christmas, right before Mid-Winters ceremonies. People are ordering gifts for their loved ones. This time of year people are also treating themselves to fresh moccasins to wear to longhouse. Many baby names will be announced during this time and everyone wants to look their best. She offers gift certificates because every year she is booked up, months ahead of time, and doesn't want to disappoint anyone.

Graduation is another busy time of year. Whether it's middle school, high school or university, this milestone is celebrated by gifting moccasins. It's also becoming a more common thing for Indigenous people to wear their regalia under their beaded cap and gown. She has often seen her moccasins in pictures of people walking across the stage and can always remember which customer ordered them.

We can't forget the wedding season. Some are worn during the wedding ceremony to complete the couple's traditional outfits. Other times they are worn after the ceremony when brides often change their shoes for something more comfortable to dance in. Linnie has also been asked to make moccasins for entire wedding parties. Wedding couples are selecting Linnie’s Mocs as their thank-you gifts for being a part of their special day.

Fundraisers are a common place to see Linnie's work. She is quick to offer a pair of custom-made moccasins to raffles in an effort to raise money for people under mitigating circumstances. Immersion school fundraisers are another cause she deems worthy of giving to. It's always been important to her to give back to the community that supported her business over the years.


Linnie is always happy to hear her moccasins are a part of her customers' journey through life's most memorable moments. She pays attention to every detail, making her moccasins not only beautiful and show-worthy but also durable for everyday wear. If you get the chance to order, please share on her social media pages how her moccasins are with you during a special time in your life. Sharing your moments with her is so fulfilling. Give her a follow:

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